Citizens for a Better Zionsville, Political Organization, Zionsville

An organization that works to better the unique Zionsville way of life through strategic and responsible growth.

Founded in 2007, Citizens for a Better Zionsville (CBZ) works to preserve and better the unique Zionsville way of life through responsible growth and strategically diversifying our tax base.

CBZ seeks public input and engages in public education. We provide a citizen forum to discuss and generate new ideas while educating voters in an effort to better Zionsville and the Zionsville way of life.

Citizen involvement is the key to an effective and successful local government. CBZ works to recruit, train and elect visionary, effective, progressive, decisive, and solution oriented officials to offices, commission and boards at all local government levels.

In 2009 we successfully supported the reorganization of Eagle and Union Townships into the new Town of Zionsville.

We are a group of engaged citizens – parents, grandparents, business people, merchants, coaches, volunteers, teachers, elected officials, students. We want you to be a part of our group.

(This site is maintained by Citizens for a Better Zionsville Political Action Committee)

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PO Box 5114
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