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DGA is the founding company of disc golf and the leading manufacturer of disc golf baskets for the sport.

Disc Golf Association (DGA), established in 1976 by Ed Headrick founded the sport disc golf to promote around the world.

Headrick established Disc Golf Association (DGA) and made up and trademarked the term “Disc Golf”. Headrick had originally wanted to call the sport Frisbee Golf but ran into issues over the Frisbee trademarked belonging to Wham-O, his previous employer.

Through DGA, ED created the rules of disc golf for the fledgling sport and invented and patented the very first Disc Pole Hole disc golf basket. Ed installed the first disc golf courses starting in Oak Grove California and became the Jonny Apple Seed of disc golf.

DGA established the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and the Recreational Disc Golf Association (RDGA). DGA focussed on fulfilling the Equipment needs for the sport, the PDGA became the overseeing body of the Professional side of the sport and the RDGA for managing recreational Disc Golf.

As Ed’s sport grew the DGA spun off the PDGA to work independently of DGA. The RDGA is still under the umbrella of the Disc Golf Association.

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