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Doublewal is a proven reliable, low-cost, gravity retaining wall system capable of large heights and long lengths. Fast, safe, simple erection procedures require minimal manpower, and the system's remarkable building-block concept - with its interlocking

The Doublewal Retaining Wall System was patented in 1978. Based in Connecticut, Doublewal Corporation grew leaps and bounds in the 1980's as product was licensed to pre-casters across the United States, for many of the infrastructure expansions projects of the times. The first pieces of Doublewal were manufactured in Plainville, Connecticut at the Atlantic Pipe Corporation. Engineering was handled in house exclusively by the Doublewal Corporation engineers to maintain quality and consistency of design.

Doublewal was acquired by United Concrete Products of Wallingford, CT in 2011. Shortly after the acquisition, many former employees of Doublewal Corporation joined United Concrete Products. These individuals ensured a smooth transition of the product and are currently with United Concrete Products team today.

Doublewal is accepted for use by the Federal Highway Administration, AASHTO, Army Corps of Engineers, AREMA, Conrail, Southern Railroad, LIRR, NRC, State Department of Transportation, and many private agencies.

There is currently over ten million square feet of Doublewal installed in over 30 states, Canada and Australia.

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