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The most experienced new agent in Tahoe.

Sometimes, the most obvious path to take is the one you’re already on. In my case, it should be, because real estate is in my blood. My father, Thane McCall, started McCall Realty before I was born. As I was growing up, I remember being immersed in all kinds of conversations about Lake Tahoe real estate. The subject was all around me and looking back, I realize it made a long and lasting impression.

Professionally, my first steps down that path took place when I began working full time at McCall Realty in 2011. As the Broker’s Assistant and Accounting Administrator, I was in a prime position to gain a varied perspective on our unique market. Since that first day, I continued my exposure to the Lake Tahoe real estate market, even at a granular level. Those years helped forge a strong foundation for me.

An important adjunct to all this is my familiarity and facility with current and emerging technological tools. I’m deeply immersed in how the computer can help enhance the entire real estate experience. These tools have helped me market properties globally through social media and have also sharpened my organization skills and response time.

I was born and raised in Lake Tahoe and remain dialed in to discrete neighborhoods, hidden treasures and all that’s new in the area. In my free time, I enjoy crafting, baking and getting involved in sporting activities available to us all right outside the door.

I continue to study and learn from the Lake Tahoe market. I’m also on top of the most efficient possible way to communicate with clients. Regardless of whether a client is buying, selling or just interested in seeing what Lake Tahoe is all about, I can help.

It may be my path, but I do invite you to walk it with me. I’m confident that it will lead you to a positive place you never thought possible.

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