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Gravis Marketing is a global public relations firm specializing in contact center technology solutions, consulting, and public opinion polls.

Our products include the exclusive Gravis Virtual Phone Bank. This hosted, predictive dialer replaces traditional phone banks, allowing campaign volunteers or call center reps to place outbound calls. The software can be downloaded on a windows PC or Gravis can ship the virtual phone bank preinstalled and configured on a laptop to you. We handle all technical elements of managing your call center, allowing you to focus on your political or advertising campaign.
Founded in 2010 by Doug Kaplan, Gravis Marketing has quickly become a leader in turnkey political advertising, market research, and polling. Doug’s numerous years of marketing experience have allowed Gravis Marketing to develop unique, cutting-edge marketing and political advertising strategies that get results.
Whether your campaign is just starting out at the grass-roots level, or is already established at the national or international level, our team’s goal is to provide superior results to your organization that exceed expectations in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

* Thousands of phone lines, for both robo calling and surveying
* The unprecedented ability to make millions of phone calls each day
* Numerous positive and enthusiastic references from past clients
* The lowest rates in the industry
* All of the equipment needed, which eliminates ever having a middle man

Robocalling is an affordable and effective method to reach millions of potential voters.
Clients have the option of playing the same message to live answers and machines or they can choose to handle the live answers differently. Once a live voter answers the call, clients can chose to play the same message, play a different message or activate a more advanced service.
Advance Robocall services include call transfers and polling. Transfers allow you to play a specific message then offer the voter to option to transfer to an external number to followup. Polling can be as simple as a single question or as advanced as a multi-level survey. Full reports are available immediately after the calling is completed.

Virtual Predictive Dialer (VPD) is a software based solution that volunteers install on their computer at a phone, bank, or their home and allows them to work seamlessly on a true predictive dialing system. The VPD is a far more efficient method of live calling your voter lists than hand dialing from a paper list. The VPD system allows the campaign to accurately track the volunteers and the penetration of the list to ensure everyone is contacted. With this system, your volunteers will speak to live voters 100-200% more than if hand dialing over the entire duration of your campaign. The VPD eliminates answering machines, disconnects, busy and non-answers so you can quickly spread your message and when a live call is found, the callers name and address will display with the script that you provide.

Volunteers only need a Windows computer with an Internet connection to download the software for the virtual predictive dialer.

We now offer phone banking in our Orlando Call Center- We have a call center then we own and operate, if you need us to be the phone bank, we can hire the people and have our call center handle all of your GOTV needs. We also can help with accurate voter lists. Gravis Marketing strives to provide the most cost-efficent and results-driven marketing strategies in the world. Let us help you spread your message to gain the support and attention your campaign deserve

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Political Organization

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