Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council, (651) 437-8678, Non-Profit Organization, Hastings

The mission of HPAAC is to foster the arts in our community.

Two bridges connect two communities at the confluence of the Mississippi and St Croix River. HPAAC aims to build the Hastings Prescott area into a place where artists and the arts thrive; where artists of all disciplines can live and work and where the arts are a part of the daily lives of our communities.

In 2008, a group of Hastings residents gathered together to talk about the future of the arts in the Hastings area. The discussion produced many ideas and possibilities and the group decided to meet regularly to craft a vision for the Hastings Arts Council. Since then, HAC has been busy building membership, planning events and working with other organizations to foster the arts in the Hastings area. The Great River Road Visitor and Learning Center in Prescott thought it would be a good idea if Prescott and Hastings could combine resources and work together to bring the arts to our communities. After much discussion, HAC voted to join forces with Prescott and The Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council, HPAAC, was formed.

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PO BOX 370
(651) 437-8678
Non-Profit Organization

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