Jellybean Geckos, (813) 395-6709, Local Business, Zephyrhills

Florida local breeder specializing in Leopard Geckos. We are located in Zephyrhills Florida (about 30 minutes from Tampa and about an hour from Orlando)

A few years back my boyfriend intoduced me to the world of reptiles by taking me to my first repticon show. Ever since then I've fallen in love and been amazed daily by these animals. I specialize in leopard geckos but I have had 2 snakes and a bearded dragon as well. Together he and I have 2 pacman frogs, 4 crested geckos, 3 cats, 3 rats, 1 hedgehog and too many leopard geckos to keep track of. This is purely a hobby, I do not make a living off of breeding and selling leos, it is something I merely have a passion for.

Before there are any accusations, I do have and keep updated a class 3 license as required by the Florida wildlife commission.

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6011 Gall Blvd
(813) 395-6709
Local Business

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