Jose Jacob Broker, (516) 281-3846, Real Estate, Williston Park

Advise sellers and buyers in real estate questions. With over 22 years of experience in Nassau and Queens market, I am able to answer or advise individuals

As a Realtor for the last 22 years, I helped buyers and sellers to fulfill their American dream. In depth knowledge of short sales and foreclosure process. Owned and operated Real Estate firm. Excellent management skills makes me to guide and motivate teams. Market area include all cities in Queens, Nassau and West Suffolk county. Work with investors who buy bulk and sell retail. Knowledge of Real Estate foreclosure auction. I receive referrals constantly from satisfied buyers and sellers. Recommendations, I received from past clients and customers, are published in my profile at Zillow. You can get FREE advise related to Real Estate by emailing me through my website at I am not busy to answer your questions related to Residential Real Estate. I am helping home owners who are facing delay in mortgage payments and foreclosures to follow proper procedure to save their home.

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192 Hillside Ave
Williston Park
(516) 281-3846
Real Estate

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