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Kupcakes & Co. offers homemade cupcakes, custom cakes, cookies and other delicious treats! We also now offer a beautiful Boutique celebration room that you can rent for bridal brunches, baby showers, cupcakes & cocktails etc...

Stop by our store for some delicious cupcakes and treats! We bake fresh every day and are proud of our tasty offerings!

We are proud to be one of Bayside Bride's "Handpicked Vendors" this year! We love baking for weddings and other special events. Call or email us today to set up a free tasting where we can begin to discuss your special event!

Our Story

My wonderful and loving mom instilled in me the passion I have for baking. When I was a little girl, I remember her teaching me how to make homemade chocolate chip cookies and yellow cakes with chocolate icing. Our house always smelled of fresh baked desserts. She used to let me experiment with baking and always encouraged my creativity in the kitchen. Of course, she, my dad and my brother would aways have to sample my creations. With the exception of "toys" (a combination of eggs, chopped bread and milk–a recipe I learned at Girl Scout Camp) I think my family enjoyed my baking adventures.

Now that I have a family of my own, I carry on the traditions of my passion for baking with them. Amanda & AllisonWhen my twin daughters, Amanda and Allison, were very small, they began helping me in the kitchen. They would make treats for their teachers, friends, family and neighbors. As they got older, they each shared their own unique talents in the kitchen. Amanda really enjoys studying dessert recipes and dabbling in the patient baking process. Allison loves taste testing (especially when there is chocolate involved) and helping create the perfect packaging for our sweet indulgences. My husband Bill is also a true volunteer taste tester and thoroughly enjoys our dessert creations. He is the brains behind creating this awesome website and our business cards. He can make anything happen when it comes to using the Mac, and his patience is endless.

Back in October 2007, my daughter Amanda underwent spinal fusion surgery. It was a major surgery that left her with two twenty-inch rods and 18 screws in her back. Her recovery was long and painful. A friend that had had the same surgery a year prior told Amanda to keep herself occupied during her recovery by watching the Food Network. It would help keep her mind off of the pain, and encourage her to want to eat at a time when food was not appealing to her. Well, that was when Amanda became a "Foodie" and when Amanda began her love for baking. Watching Ace of Cakes around the clock encouraged her to bake her very first homemade cake with fondant and butter cream icing. It turned out perfect!

When deciding what kind of small business we wanted to start, it was apparent from family and friends that we had a "gift"... a gift of baking homemade treats that made many people smile. With my true passion of baking, with Amanda's desire to bake cakes, Allison's creativity to make everything pretty and Bill's endless patience with all of us, Kupcakes & Co. was born. Thanks go out to all of our family members and special friends for their endless love and support... and for helping to eat all of our tasty treats!

Michelle Kupiec
Kupcakes & Co.

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6010 Meadowridge Center Dr - Suite H
(443) 552-3033
http://www.kupcakesco.com/ Check out or Flavor Calendar! http://www.kupcakesco.com/calendar
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