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I am a Plexus Ambassador, and the mother of 3. I also have a full time job, but I absolutely LOVE helping people find a weight loss product that really works!

I will arrange delivery to anywhere in the USA! I can deliver anywhere in the US within 4 business days of order! Most are 2 - 3. Louisiana, Mississippi, and parts of TX and TN are next business day!

Interesting features of Plexus Slim:

•Plexus Slim targets only the unnecessary fat stores of your body. It will not affect your muscle mass.

•Plexus Slim maintains the blood cholesterol in the reference range you will have low risks of getting heart attacks.

•Plexus Slim is efficient in controlling the high blood sugar level. If you’re suffering from diabetes this product is ideal for you.

•The product is safe due to its non-stimulatory and the non-thermogenic activity.

•Plexus Slim is acting as a strong anti-oxidant. Aging process of your body will be slowed down, and you will be able to maintain your slimmer figure for a longer period of time!

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143 Racca Rd
(337) 344-1819

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