Southern Sno - Gourmet Shaved Ice, (813) 782-3300, Restaurant/Cafe, Zephyrhills

36940 S.R. 54, Zephyrhills, FL. On the corner of S.R. 54 & Allen Rd.
12pm-8pm 7 days a week. (813)782-3300

This is the official Facebook of Zephyrhills Florida's own Southern Sno - Gourmet Shaved Ice. At Southern Sno our goal is to bring you high quality, delicious shaved Ice treats with a wide variety of flavorings and toppings.

- What's the difference between Shaved Ice and a Snow Cone? -

- Snow Cones -
Snow cones are ice cubes ground up with similar results from a blender. When you pour flavoring on a snow cone the little ice bits don't absorb the flavoring directly into the ice. Since it isn't directly absorbed the flavoring will sink and pool to the bottom of the cup. These bits of ice are also crunchy and chewable and easily made at home.

- Shaved Ice -
Shaved Ice is Shaved directly off for each and every one we provide you with. The shaving process is also done from a block of ice to provide the up-most quality and the finest, melt in your mouth ice you'll ever experience. The ice we shave is done with a high quality block ice shaving machine that spins the block of ice extremely fast over an industrial blade, producing the finest results. Ice produced this way absorbs the flavoring directly into it assuring that each sip or scoop you'll taste every delicious bit of the flavor(s) you choose. If you've never had Shaved Ice it's definitely worth coming in trying one of ours, you'll be amazed!

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36940 State Road 54
(813) 782-3300

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