The Bean Bar Coffee House, Restaurant/Cafe, Zephyr Cove

This is a place where freshly roasted coffee, fresh baked bagels, awesome local art and the Lake Tahoe community come together to create, The Bean Bar!

The Bean Bar is a place dedicated to the local talent of the east shore of Lake Tahoe, from athletes to artists, even the staff, we want to display what our corner of Tahoe has achieved! This is a place FOR LOCALS, BY LOCALS (non-locals are welcome of course!) Come to The Bean Bar for your daily cup, snack before hitting the slopes, a place to warm up, a place to be inspired, a place to relax, a place to converse with friends, or somebody new. We proudly serve Vaneli's fresh roasted coffee, as well as Rude Brother's Bagels and Pastries! With awesome local art for sale, books to barrow, and tons of comfy seating, this is a place that the whole community can call home! Locals, ask for a discount! Local Teachers and Educational Staff get a special discount! Music requests welcome! We made this shop for the Tahoe community, it's all yours! Enjoy!!!

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Address & Contact

212 Elks Point Rd Suite 447
Zephyr Cove

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