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Custom-made replicas of historic and commercial signs

VINTAGE NEW BEDFORD is a celebration of the sign-makers art. These hand-made replicas of vintage and historic signs are created from re-purposed wood or lightly distressed for an authentic old-time look and feel.

They are based on actual signs and commercial art that once branded places and businesses. Wherever possible, the original fonts have been re-created. In some instances typefaces and artwork have been re-imagined to provoke a nostalgic look and feel. The distinctive letters and images commissioned for many businesses and organizations helped lend character and charm to destinations such as the historic seaport of New Bedford, where we're located.

VINTAGE NEW BEDFORD features these distinctive pieces of art as well as other examples of commercial art from around the world and lets you introduce them to your home or business today.

In addition to a featured collection, VINTAGE NEW BEDFORD can also re-create a custom piece tailored to your needs and tastes for either home decor or commercial use. E-mail V[email protected] to inquire about special commissions.

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