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Wakaya Perfection is a collection of wellness products by David H. Gilmour, the founder of FIJI Water.

Wakaya Perfection is a suite of wellness products by David H. Gilmour, the founder of FIJI Water. The uniquely organic products are hand-cultivated on the pristine island of Wakaya made of 100% certified organic ginger powder and Dilo Oil.

Our goal is to provide the purest, most powerful wellness products on earth. Wakaya Island’s virgin volcanic soil is the birthplace of Wakaya Perfections life-enhancing products, each designed to ensure health and vitality.

Wakaya Perfection products help you look good and feel better by aiding in digestion, easing nausea, soothing sore muscles, helping to repair skin cells and easing the effects of sunburn, among many other benefits.

Our pure, virgin volcanic soil and thoughtful, hand-cultivation are what sets Wakaya Perfection products apart.

Wakaya Island possesses a rich and pure virgin volcanic soil that contains amplified nutrients and vitamins. As the volcanic rock naturally breaks down it releases rich vitamins and nutrients into the soil, creating a perfect recipe in which to cultivate Wakaya Perfection products.

We hand-harvest our crops in paddocks to eliminate a mechanical footprint that could compromise the integrity of the crops – no machinery touches our Ginger crops or Dilo tree groves, only caring hands cultivate the earth.

We purposefully have no formal irrigation system, only the natural Fijian rainfall nourishes our Ginger crops and Dilo tree groves.


We possess our own unique Fijian Pink Ginger seeds and carefully grow our crops on wide sloping paddocks at elevation and at 45-degree angles to avoid erosion.

Once each Ginger crop is harvested in a paddock, we cultivate in a new paddock and allow a 12-month period to pass in the former paddock so that the soil rejuvenates and becomes nutrient-rich once again.

Our Ginger is baked and oven-dried at a regulated minimal temperature to ensure no heat loss of the vital properties our ginger possesses.

We grind the Ginger to a superfine rich golden powder in a completely sealed US food grade stainless steel grinding machine which uses suction pressure to eliminate any possible airborne particles and to preserve the full purity of our Ginger.

Normally Ginger is steeped with pesticides, on Wakaya we do not believe in this technique. Our product is the purest and most potent ginger available.


Wakaya Perfection Organic Dilo Lotion is completely organic and is harvested from wild mature Dilo trees that naturally drop the oil-rich seeds several times a season.

Dilo nuts are rare, and they mature at their own pace, the green apricot-size fruits falling only when they are ready to be harvested. On Wakaya Island, we patiently wait for the dilo trees to drop their ripe fruit in their own time.

We gather only mature Dilo seeds and then slowly dry them in our solar drying beds until a creamy rich oil has filled the seed pod.

After the fruit is naturally dried by the sun, we then process the oil-bearing seed pods in hand-operated 20-ton stainless steel presses with no electrical power source in order to use no heat to create a Virgin Dilo Oil with a rich green gold color and lavish texture of a super fine cosmetic and therapeutic body oil.

This cold-press process results in virgin dilo oil that retains all of its essential nutrients.

Our naturally grown and processed oil is then enhanced with a very uniquely selected organic cosmetic cream to form the ultra-hydrating and reparative Wakaya Perfection Organic Dilo Lotion


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