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Our Core Values:
* Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available
* Satisfying and delighting our customers
* Supporting team member happiness and excellence
* Creating wealth through profits & growth
* Caring about our communities & our environment
* Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers.
* Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education

Company Overview:
We know we’ve always been a little out of the ordinary. Those 19 people who started our first store were quite an idealistic bunch! We now number over 50,000 team members and are glad to report that our idealism and commitment to our core values are as strong as ever.

Yes, we are a publicly held company and have to make a profit to survive in the marketplace. But we’ve proven that a company can do good and do well if the doing comes from the heart. Luckily, our success helps us bring about change in the marketplace, which we hope will lead to good things for you and us and the planet.

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1423 N Webb Rd Suite 101
(316) 630-8484

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