Wilberforce Society of Patrick Henry College, (540) 318-0984, Cause, Purcellville

The Wilberforce Society boldly proclaims the importance of Christian morality through political activism. We stand for what is good, true, and moral.

The Wilberforce Society has the immediate potential to engage in a wide variety of political activism and educational training about our core philosophy: the importance of morality in law.

The leadership of the Society is comprised of accomplished political activists who know how to LEARN, ACT, and LEAD on the issues most important to us. Here is a small taste of what we can do (much of which our officers have done in the past):

1. Lobbying--from the Mayor of Purcellville to the United States Senate.
2. Disseminating information through traditional, new, and social media.
3. Sponsoring “Town Hall” style meetings, guest lectures, and debates.
4. Organizing grassroots activities in the community.
5. Producing street theatre.
6. Hosting high-quality events such as dances, luncheons, rallies, dinners, sports events, political training seminars, and more.
7. Using other political technology techniques to foster reform in National, State, and Local governments. The list goes on and on!

So, if any of these important facets of the Wilberforce Society appeals to you, check us out!

Many people know that William Wilberforce, the great British Statesman, engaged in the hard-fought battle to eliminate the slave trade in the British Empire. Few know about his Second Great Object: to reform the moral character of Great Britain, a goal he accomplished through political and private activism. We seek to follow in his footsteps.

The Wilberforce Society emphasizes the importance of morality in law—and the necessity of virtue among the populace and governing authorities. We stand resolved to promote and protect the moral foundations of government against threats from liberalism, libertarianism, socialism, and other philosophies that threaten the moral fiber that makes America a great nation.

We are an energetic group of activists with a passion for promoting our core philosophy. From on-campus activism to lobbying at the highest levels of government; from sponsoring educational events on the PHC campus to actively engaging the community, the Wilberforce Society refuses to yield to the amoral or immoral ideas and actions that have the potential to radically transform American life.

We stand to act; we stand to safeguard what is good, true, and moral.

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10 Patrick Henry Cir
(540) 318-0984

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