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"Our Job Is To Make You SMILE!"

Why not go to a dentist office that caters to you and the needs of those you care about? You want to PREVENT dental issues, which in the long run can save you money, time and keep you healthy! Prevention is the key, and keeping up with your dental appointments is important in early detection of any issues!

Wondering about dental treatments? - you have access to all the latest dental procedures like cosmetic treatments (whitening, veneers, invisalign), general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, oral cancer screenings, and more! Plus - you can make appointments for everyone in your family, from the youngest members to the oldest!

Need Convenient Appointment Times - you can take advantage of early morning or evening hours!
Have an emergency? - as a patient, you have access to our emergency on call staff and hours.
Need more than just general dentistry? - you can see our orthodontist or oral surgeon - with everything in one location!
Wondering about insurance or billing? - you can chat with our staff who will bill insurance for you and help those without insurance afford their treatment.

Now....isn't knowing that everything can be taken care of in one place, by the same staff, by an office who caters to you worth smiling about?
Wilson Martino Dental - our job is to make YOU Smile!

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930 W Main St
(877) 645-3943

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