Wrightsville Beach Keep It Clean

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who love to KIC-"Keep It Clean". From 2009 - 2012 we have removed over 2284 bags of trash from our beautiful beach.

KIC is a group of volunteers dedicated to keeping our world cleaner for those who tread here (humans and wildlife).

KIC originated as a subgroup of the Wrightsville Beach Sea Turtle Project (WBSTP). In 2008, WBSTP volunteers, John Marcucci and Ginger Taylor (husband and wife) monitored Zone 2 (Johnnie Mercer Pier to Sand Dollar Lane) on WB for turtle nesting activity. Although they did not find any nests in Zone 2 that year, they did find a lot of trash and began to bring grocery store bags with them to collect the garbage. Ginger was so astounded at all the trash they were collecting and began to talk to other volunteers about it. She quickly learned that other volunteers had been collecting trash as well.

In 2009, out of sheer curiosity, Ginger asked Nancy Fahey, WBSTP Coordinator, if she could keep track of the trash that the volunteers were collecting and of course, Nancy said, "yes". So, the volunteers began sending Ginger emails of their daily collections. Ginger kept track of the totals and sent out a weekly newsletter describing the trash and treasures that volunteers were finding on the beach (the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny). The group became affectionately known as "The Trashy Talking Turtlers" and Ginger was nicknamed "TQ" (Trash Queen). The volunteers gained the attention of WB Board of Alderman and the Lumina Newspaper.

For two years, the volunteers collected debris that was left on the beach and tracked the data. We researched the dangers of plastic and other debris on the environment and marine life. We discussed our concerns with WB leaders who sometimes shared our opinions and began to look at areas in which they could also implement change.

In 2009, (june 1 - Aug 31) we collected 474 grocery store sized bags of trash. In 2010 (June 1 - Sept 15) we collected 523.24 grocery store sized bags of trash. In 2011 (May 1 - Sept 15) we collected 726.57 bags of trash. These bags do not account for the countless items we removed that would not fit into bags including broken beach chairs, towels, boogie boards, styrofoam coolers, etc.

This data has been presented and utilized at WBSTP meetings, 2010 NC Sea Turtle Volunteer Meeting, WB Board of Alderman meetings, and 2010 WB Cleaner Greener Committee meetings.

We changed our name from "Trashy Talking Turtlers" to "KIC" (Keep It Clean). We did this to portray a more positive image and to also open our group up to the community at large. We want to be inclusive and join with all people who are interested in keeping the Earth clean of litter.

So, if you would like to join with kindred spirits, please do so by sending an email to wbkeepitclean@gmail.com. We will include your collections in the "Community Totals" section of this blog. Also if you would like to start your own "KIC" volunteer group in your community, state, beach, neighborhood, etc., we would really love that.


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