ZWIN Zionsville Women in Network, Non-Profit Organization, Zionsville

ZWIN (Zionsville Women in Network) is dedicated to supporting, inspiring and promoting women in the Zionsville community on a professional and personal level.

If you live and/or work in the Zionsville area, we would love to have you consider joining our new group of ladies. We understand and believe in the power of building business relationships. Our purpose is to come together as a networking leads group for the purpose of sharing leads and referrals that will help our customers, and in turn build our respective businesses.

An appreciation of the importance of and a commitment to attending our meetings and the need to be prepared for each meeting with referrals, leads and topics of interest to help each member grow in their business and the community.

It is required that each member understand the importance attached to being the only representative from any given field and the benefit of being invited to and approved to join the group. In other words, so as not to have business conflicts amongst our members, only one specific business/industry will be represented at any given time.

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