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APO Counseling is your complete resource for providing outpatient counseling/psychotherapy services and information for individuals, couples and families.

APO Counseling helps individuals, couples and families by counseling them through difficult times. Throughout the years, we feel fortunate to have guided hundreds of people so that they, once again, can enjoy a happier and fulfilling life.

People come to counseling for a variety of reasons. We all experience periods in our lives of distressing or stressful events, which require more help than we are capable of offering to ourselves.

Sometimes, we turn to friends and family first. But often, we need a trusted professional who can help us regain perspective and plan our next course of action.

During times of grief, separation/divorce, major life transitions, or experiences from the past, counseling can help lift the burden from your shoulders and get you back on the right track. Counseling can help you deal with specific psychological or behavioral traits you would like to alter, such as those that make it difficult to relate to other people. Through counseling, you can explore uncomfortable feelings in addition to helping you cope with depression, panic or anxiety.

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Appointment times vary by provider. Please call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified professionals. Most insurances accepted.

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